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Read One Page Per Day

When life gets too complex, one of the first parts of a healthy spiritual life to decline is reading. I talk to well-intentioned Christians almost every week who confess to growing piles of books by their “reading” chair, desk, nightstand, and other places, but who never have time to read. Reading for sheer enjoyment was

Is It Unusual for a Minister to Question His Call?

One of my students asked if it were possible for someone truly called to the ministry to ever doubt that call. “If a man ever has doubts about being called to the ministry, do those doubts indicate that God certainly has not called him?” The internal call and the external call First of all, the question

A Collection of Tributes to Jerry Bridges

I did not know Jerry Bridges as well as those who wrote these tributes, though I wish I’d had that blessing. I was honored to speak at a couple of conferences with him. Other than a couple of letters or emails perhaps, this was the extent to which I knew him personally. But each time

Jonathan Edwards’s “Fast Days”

A “Fast Day” in Jonathan Edwards’s time was day designated by an individual, congregation, town, or colony as a day to engage in the biblical practice of fasting, that is, abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. Usually “the work of the day,” as Edwards put it in a Fast Day sermon, was “repentance and humiliation

The Personal Piety of Jonathan Edwards, part 2

Part one can be read here. The principal means by which Jonathan Edwards expressed the “true and gracious longings after holiness” of which he spoke in Religious Affections was through the practice of the spiritual disciplines he found in Scripture. Edwards’s God, he believed, was self-revealed in the Bible, and that “the Scriptures are the word and work

The Personal Piety of Jonathan Edwards, part 1

Broadly defined, “piety” refers to the aggregate of a person’s distinctly Christian beliefs and actions. Here Jonathan Edwards’s piety is considered in the more narrow sense of devotional piety, that is, those private practices intended to focus the heart and mind of the individual believer upon God and to develop authentic Christian beliefs, motives, and actions. Although

Lessons from Jonathan Edwards’s Diary

In August of 1722, less than a year-and-a-half after his conversion, Jonathan Edwards became the interim pastor of a small Presbyterian church in New York City. He remained at this temporary post for eight months. He stayed with Susanna Smith and her son, John “who seemed to him”, says George Marsden, “models of Christian piety.”[1]

Newsletter from The Center for Biblical Spirituality

In this edition: Crossway releases new edition of Don’s Family Worship book A new, free, five-part video series by Don on family worship New blog post by Don: “Family Worship and the Day I Made by Daughter Cry”   Crossway releases new edition of Don’s Family Worship book After 10 years in print, I am

Family Worship & the Day I Made My Daughter Cry

My daughter, Laurelen, graduated from a small, classical Christian high school. The school enjoys a commencement tradition in which the parents hand the diploma to their child, but only after speaking a few words of encouragement (usually accompanied with some nostalgia) to him or her. The graduate responds with some brief, prepared remarks of his

5 Reasons to Prioritize Family Worship

Just about everyone I know feels overwhelmed, and most are busier than they’ve ever been, especially if they have children at home. Pair that with my observation that most Christians I know would affirm that family worship—if they are familiar with it—would probably be a worthwhile practice if they were to make the time for