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Most of Don’s books published by NavPress and Moody Press are available in languages other than English. All are reportedly available in Korean. If you are searching for one of Don’s books in a particular language, either search through your usual source for books in that language, or contact the publisher to ask if the book is available in that particular language and if they know where it can be obtained. If you are interested in translating one of Don’s books, please contact the publisher for information on obtaining permission to translate the book.

Translated Articles Spanish

Diez formas para mejorar el Servicio de Adoración en la Iglesia

La casi inevitable ruina de todo ministro… y cómo evitarla

¿Es la Adoración aburrida?

Otras Diez formas de mejorar el Servicio de Adoración de su Iglesia

La mejor adoración para el Señor, Parte I

La mejor adoración para el Señor, Parte 2

La mejor adoración para el Señor, Parte 3

Más que balbucear frases: Prácticos consejos para transformar su vida de oración

Métodos de Meditatación en la Escritura

Orando La Biblia: Textos Seleccionados


The Almost Inevitable Ruin of Every Minister


The Blessing of Aaron

Ten Questions to Ask at a Christmas Gathering

Ten Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year or On Your Birthday


Gute Vorsätze zum neuen Jahr 30 Fragen von Donald Whitney


LE CULTE EN FAMILLE. This is a translation of a two-page outline of Don’s Family Worship book in French, plus some notes taken by a listener.


Don’s outline on “Praying Through Scripture


[Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life]
Disciplinas Espirituais Para a Vida Crista, Donald S. Whitney
Rua Kansas, 770
CEP 04558-002
Sao Paulo, SP
(011) 5561-3239


* “The Sinkhole Syndrome” in Dutch


* “The Sinkhole Syndrome” in Slovak


Why You Should Be Praying the Psalms” in Croatian (5 načina molitve po psalmima potpuno će promijeniti vaš život)