Resources for Personal Spiritual Disciplines

  • Bible Reading Record (PDF)
    The link above will take you to a PDF of the document, while this one will take you to a Microsoft Word file which contains a Bible Reading Record. The document is formatted for a 5.5 x 8.5 inch page, which means it can be used as a bulletin insert, or hole-punched to fit into many daily planners, journals, notebooks, etc. Another option is to download it to your phone, tablet, or computer and delete or italicize the numbers of the chapters you’ve read, and thus mark your place in your Bible reading.
  • Family Worship Quiz
  • Home Evangelism Meetings Brochure
  • Methods of Meditation on Scripture
    Summary of the methods taught by Don Whitney in his conference on meditation on Scripture.
  • Methods of Meditation Bookmark
    .Pdf file featuring the Joseph Hall method and the Phil. 4:8 questions in a handy bookmark form. This two-page file should be printed on the front and back of a 8×10″ page. It makes four two-sided bookmarks that fit into a normal sized Bible. Click here to download.


Resources for Local Church Ministry

  • Why Join A Church?
    “If I come and worship as often as the members, . . . if I fellowship with these believers as much as anyone else, if I profit from the teaching and other ministries of the church, and if I actively demonstrate love for my brothers and sisters in Christ here, why should I formally join the church?” – Taken from Don’s book, Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church, this chapter is one of the few things in print demonstrating that church membership is a New Testament doctrine.
  • Questions for a Prospective Pastor
    “In our day it is possible for a pastor to be chosen for a church with almost no serious questions being asked, much less any doctrinal questions. This should never be the case. We suggest that churches seek the most complete dialogue possible about matters of doctrine, practice, and lifestyle. If the church fails to do so, the prospective pastor should call for it. This procedure protects both pastor and church. Some or all of these questions may also be appropriate for ordination councils, securing church staff, qualifying missionaries, Christian school faculty interviews, and evaluating suitability of candidates for Christian ministries.”
  • Questions about the “Questions for a Prospective Pastor” document
  • Looking for a Church Home?
    “If you are looking for a church home, the answers you receive to questions like these may help you determine whether a particular church is the one where God wants you.”
  • 10 Ways To Improve Your Church’s Worship Service
    Simple changes that could make dramatic improvements in the quality of congregational worship.
  • 10 More Ways To Improve Your Church’s Worship Service
    Sequel to 10 Ways To Improve Your Church’s Worship Service.
  • A Third 10 Ways To Improve Your Church’s Worship Service
    Third article in the series, Ways To Improve Your Church’s Worship Service.
  • Church Covenant
    A congregational agreement concerning the responsibility of church membership.
  • Statement on Church Discipline
    A congregational agreement to submit to and participate in the discipline of the church.


Resources for Pastors

  • The Call of God to Preach the Gospel
    “Certainty of the call of God is not only necessary for sending you into the ministry, nothing is more essential for keeping you there. Regardless of the blessings and fruitfulness God grants to your service, there will be dark, heavy days when you would walk away from the Gospel ministry if it weren’t for the bedrock of assurance that you are doing what God Himself has called you to do.”
  • Clothing Tips for Ministers
    This was written for younger ministers with little experience in choosing dress clothes, though it applies to anyone in that situation, such as young men going off to college or the work force. It’s a helpful handout or discussion guide for college or seminary classes on pastoral ministry, or for any setting where men need advice on appropriate dress in more formal gatherings and on where to buy those clothes most affordably.


Ten Questions


Miscellaneous Resources