Embrace a Trinitarian Spirituality

Embrace a Trinitarian Spirituality

I once read an article that quoted a TV star as saying, “I consider myself a spiritual person.” Almost everyone nowadays is “into spirituality.” Try to find someone who says, “I’m just not very spiritual.” I saw a survey where even a majority of atheists consider themselves “spiritual” people. By this I assume they mean

Not I, But Christ

Galatians 2-20

“Not I, but Christ” is the name of an old tract that I first read in the 1970s. I’ve no idea who wrote it, nor when it was written, though I suspect it was penned many decades before it first fell into my hands. It is a heart-searching piece that the Lord has often brought

What Do YOU Pray For?


Have you ever prayed for bad things to happen to someone? No? Well, about one in ten Americans who pray ask that very thing. That’s according to a recent survey reported by Baptist Press.  On August 7, 2014, Lifeway Research conducted an online survey sponsored by popular author and Texas pastor Max Lucado, asking 1,137 Americans

“Dad, you always have lots to do, but you’ve always got time for us.”


“Dad, you always have lots to do, but you’ve always got time for us.” That’s what Tim Challies’ young son recently said to him. When a boy will say that to his dad, then I’m interested when the dad starts a new series on his blog called “How to Get Things Done.” I know I’m

Is Worship Boring? (part 2)


I was interviewed about how to respond when someone claims that attending worship at church is boring. This is the second of two posts based on that interview. The first is available here. If people are bored in church, is that a problem with the church or with the individuals? As I’ve already mentioned, if people

Is Worship Boring?


Some time ago I was interviewed about how to respond when someone claims that attending worship at church is boring. This is the first of two posts based on that interview. What is your response when you hear someone say, “Church is boring?” My first response is to ask, “Why do you say that?” For

Ask, and You Will Receive Something Good

Ask, Seek, Knock

One way to simplify your prayer life is simply to ask. Perhaps more often than we realize, we want God to do something for us or to give something to us, and yet we haven’t actually asked Him for it. “You do not have,” says James 4:3 “because you do not ask.” The failure to

From Apple Watch to iMplant?

Time Magazine Apple cover

I am always on the lookout for ways to use technology to serve and cultivate biblical spirituality. For instance, I use my phone to listen to Max McLean read Scripture via The Listener’s Bible, pray through a passage of Scripture using the Olive Tree Bible Study App, work on Scripture memory with the Fighter Verses

My pastor’s reflections after a 40-day fast

Ryan Fullerton

Fasting is perhaps the most feared as well as the most misunderstood of the spiritual disciplines. We fear fasting because we don’t want to feel hungry. We misunderstand it because of the famine of biblical teaching on the subject. When was the last time you heard a sermon or saw an article on fasting? Perhaps

Take Up Your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus

Take up your cross

During the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s, Martin Luther articulated a timeless distinction between two approaches to knowing God. He labeled one a “theology of glory” and applied it to those who believe they can attain a glorious knowledge of God by human goodness, religious effort, mystical experiences, or the wisdom of human reason. According