What’s the Easiest Way to Memorize Scripture?

Here’s a brief video I did in the helpful “Honest Answers” series by Southern Seminary.

In this one I respond to the question, “What’s the Easiest Way to Memorize Scripture?”

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    • Don Whitney
      Don Whitney says:

      Most of the time I just copy verses to the “Notes” app on my iPhone, and have Siri read it to me at various points (such as a stoplight) throughout the day. When I do use an app, I’ve settled on “Fighter Verses.” A few years ago I looked at every Scripture Memory app in the App Store, and eventually settled on “Fighter Verses,” even though it was a paid app. One reason is not only the many features, but also because there’s an entire ministry behind it, not just one guy. That gives me greater confidence that the app won’t be abandoned someday. And since “Fighter Verses” has regular updates, I have even greater confidence that it will continue to be around for a long time.


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