“Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”–What’s new in the Revised & Updated Edition?

After 23 years in print, my Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life has been released in a “Revised & Updated” edition.

SDFTCLWhat’s different from the original, 1991 edition?

More content. You’ll find more than 10,000 words of new material, such as seventeen methods of meditation on Scripture, up from six in the original edition.

More gospel. In 2011 I contributed a yearlong series of articles to Ligonier Ministries’ monthly magazine Tabletalk. The substance of each of these articles on the theme of “The Gospel and the Spiritual Disciplines” (such as “The Gospel and Fasting”) has been incorporated into each chapter. So there’s more explicit Christocentric, cross-connected material for each of the Spiritual Disciplines.

More Bible. Over 430 Scripture references, taken from 51 books of the Bible saturate these pages. Also, I have attempted to remove any lines from the 1991 edition that some have construed as supportive of a mystical view of the Disciplines, as well as quotations from writers who later came to be identified with that perspective. My goal in this book is a Sola Scriptura spirituality.

More contemporary. Obsolete cultural and technological references have been deleted or updated. Moreover, I’ve attempted to use timeless terms as much as possible to minimize connections to rapidly changing sectors of society. So, for example, instead of changing “cassette tape” to “MP3”, I’ve used the term “recording” since holograms (or something yet unforeseen) may be as common in 23 years as cassette tapes were 23 years ago

By the way, I’ve also revised and updated the companion Study Guide to Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. sdfclsgThis 140-page volume is designed for class or small group study, but is also a helpful resource for the teacher or small group leader guiding others through the book.

Both these resources can be ordered through this website by clicking on the respective pictures above or on the links in the next sentence. The book is $15.50 and the study guide is $10.50. Shipping is included in the price. You may order by phone at 502-883-1096.