Please pray for this ministry, especially for Don’s upcoming Speaking Schedule. In addition, please pray for the other requests expressed in the most recent newsletter (available in the Newsletter Archive), particularly in the “Family News & Notes” section at the end of the newsletter.


Tax-deductible gifts to this ministry may be made via checks payable to “The Center for Biblical Spirituality,” and mailed to CFBS c/o 11113 Peppermint St., Prospect, Kentucky 40059. Receipts will be mailed monthly and a year-end summary receipt will be sent by February 1 of the following year.

Undesignated gifts are assigned as needed to the expenses of this ministry. All funds used for salaries or other compensation are distributed at a rate determined by the board of the Center for Biblical Spirituality. Designated gifts will be used as indicated by the donor to the extent consistent with policies and procedures approved by the board of the Center for Biblical Spirituality. If you intend to designate a gift for a particular purpose or project, please indicate that on a separate note.

For your convenience, we can now accept credit card donations through PayPal. Click the link below, or log on to your PayPal account and use

Donate Using PayPal


If you would be willing to encourage this ministry by volunteering to provide occasional transportation to/from the airport, clerical help, or another form of ministry, please email

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