10 Questions to Ask to Benefit from a Conference or Special Event

I’ve had the privilege of attending countless conferences and other special events. Some were primarily inspirational, others were mainly instructive, and many were for the purpose of conducting business, hearing reports, and connecting with people. They usually last from half-a-day to several days in length.

Afterward, however—regardless of how much I enjoyed myself or how profitable the experience seemed at the time—I often reflect upon the resources I’ve devoted to attendance and wonder if I have benefited from the conference/event as much as I could have.

Having invested hours or days of my life in this way, I want to know that it’s been time well spent.

To better ensure good stewardship of the opportunity, I have developed these ten questions.

1. What’s the single most important truth I have learned at this conference/event?

2. What’s the most important thing in my life that will be different or I will attempt to change as a result of attending this conference/event?

3. What’s the next step I should take to incorporate this change into my life?

4. What’s the single most important resource I should acquire at or after this conference/event?

5. When will I begin to read/listen to/utilize this resource?

6. Who is one person at this conference/event with whom I should discuss this conference/event?

7. Who is one person after this conference/event with whom I should discuss something from this conference/event?

8. Who is the one person at this conference/event I most need to encourage?

9. Who is someone who has helped to organize or serve at this conference/event who deserves a word of gratitude and would be encouraged to know of the impact of this conference/event in my life?

10. What’s one thing I should pray about for myself and for others as a result of this conference/event?

This resource is available here as a free, downloadable PDF document, formatted as a bulletin insert (perhaps for use by those attending a conference or event at your church).

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