Issue Number Thirty-six

Don's Schedule
Please pray for these
ministry opportunities
in February, March and April

  • First Baptist Church
    Carmel, Indiana

  • Clifton Baptist Church
    Louisville, KY

  • Grace Heritage Church
    Auburn, AL

  • Great Commission Prayer Conference
    Louisville, KY

  • Baptist Convention of New England Evangelism Conf.
    Northampton, MA

  • Bellevue Baptist Church teachers
    Cordova, TN

  • St. Louis Conference on Biblical Discernment
    Held at Parker Road Baptist Church
    Florissant, MO

  • Berachah Bible Church
    Jonesboro, GA

  • Bethlehem Bible Church
    West Boylston, MA

Things Well Said

Here's the newest "things well said" article, one Don recommends from the writings of others.

David Jeremiah's article about reading Proverbs, How to Gain Wisdom

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The Fields Are White for Harvest
John 4:35
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Ten Questions to Ask to Turn a Conversation Toward the Gospel

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In 1 Kings 18:44 the servant of Elijah reported to the prophet that "a cloud as small as a man's hand" was rising in the western sky. Elijah sent a message to nearby King Ahab to hurry away in his chariot lest the storm overtake him. "In a little while the sky grew black with clouds and wind, and there was a heavy shower" ending a long drought.

I see a small cloud on the horizon of evangelicalism. If it continues to grow, the Holy Spirit could turn it into a cloudburst of reformation and revival. That cloud is the widespread interest in recovering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am seeing this movement in print, hearing it in sermons and conferences, and observing it in churches throughout the land.

Off the top of my head I can quickly list several examples (in no particular order):

Click here to finish reading this article, or to download it as a free, MS Word-formatted bulletin insert.


One major survey among churchgoers indicated that half of those who profess to be Bible-believing, Christ-loving, evangelistically minded churchgoers think salvation by works is possible! Despite all their orthodox claims, they do not understand the most basic and important thing of all-the Gospel.

My experience in the ministry has taught me that a frightening percentage of people take for granted that they understand the Gospel, but when pressed to explain it they reveal a disturbing lack of clarity. Last week a woman I believe to be a new but growing Christian came to see me. "I'm embarrassed to ask this," she said bluntly, "but what is the Gospel?" As it turned out, she knew what the Gospel was, but simply wanted sharper definitions and to think more precisely. Such frank forthrightness is refreshing. If only more people would desire to think so clearly about the Gospel.

Are you sure you know the Gospel? The New Testament plainly says the Gospel is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16).

There is a difference between knowing all the intricacies of the Gospel and knowing its simple essence. But without the knowledge of its basic message, you cannot be a Christian. Even though you may have been exposed to the Gospel throughout your life and had many wonderful religious experiences, if you don't know the terms of salvation, you aren't saved.

[Taken from pages 136-137 of Don's book, How Can I Be Sure I'm a Christian. Find out more about this book here.]

The Center for Biblical Spirituality
presents a
National Conference with Donald S. Whitney

Biblical Spiritual Disciplines For Real People

Developing the simple, biblical means God has given to every Christian for pursuing intimacy with and conformity to Christ.

This is the most popular conference Don has held in local churches across America. In it he teaches simple, biblical solutions to the almost universal problems of (1) drudgery in prayer resulting from habitually saying the same old things about the same old things, and (2) failing to experience God or perceive spiritual progress through one's daily Bible reading.

Click here for info about this two-day, weekend conference to be held
April 4 and 5
at the beautiful Legacy Center on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Come alone, or bring a group!

Don's latest book is available here.

A Discussion Guide is included in this 64-page book, which retails for $5.95 and sells here for $5.50. Generous discounts are available for bulk purchases. Click here for more information or to order.

An enhanced audio CD of Don's book Family Worship is available now. Click here to read more or to order.

Read endorsements of this book.

Family News & Notes

Don is immersed in his regular routines at home as husband and father, and at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as professor of biblical spirituality and senior associate dean. In addition, he continues his speaking schedule in churches and conferences. One of the many things he enjoys about the National Conferences hosted by The Center for Biblical Spirituality is the opportunity to teach a conference and yet sleep at home.

Caffy's winter routines center—as they do most of the year—around home and church. In March she's scheduled teach a "Spiritual Disciplines Refresher" session at a one-day event for student wives at Southern. Last week she brought half the kitchen to a new shade of green. At this writing she and Laurelen are packing for a trip to northwest Arkansas to see her mother.

Laurelen's day-to-day life revolves around church and school. In addition to her singing at church, she's working with a team of other young people there who are producing a blog and a small newspaper to distribute to other youth in the area for evangelism and apologetics. If you asked her about school, you'd probably get an answer something like, "It's school." Last week she took the PSAT.

Farm & Garden Report

Last night we received about four inches of snow, along with some sleet and then freezing rain. It was the first measurable snow in our three winters in Louisville. Most of the area was shut down today, including the seminary. Laurelen was thrilled with the hopes that she'd get to go sledding today, but the hopes were dashed when she awoke to find that most of the white stuff had turned to slush in the warming temperatures.

Caffy has been concerned about her two bee colonies during a couple of recent nights with single-digit temperatures. But today she fed the bees (did you know you could do that?) and they seemed to be okay. When she took off the lid, she expected to find them all clustered to stay warm. But they were more dispersed than she anticipated, and a few came out and immediately fell dead into the snow, unable to endure the sudden cold.

Don is keeping an eye on the effects of winter on the blueberry bushes he planted last fall, and reading up on the raspberries he hopes to plant in March.


It has just been announced that my seminary president, Dr. Albert Mohler, has been diagnosed with a pre-cancerous tumor in his colon. More tests are needed to determine the extent of things, but the tumor must be removed very soon. This will involve a long and painful process of recovery. The location of the tumor and other factors about the diagnosis are remarkably similar to mine in December, 2005. Please pray for Dr. Mohler, the diagnosis and surgery, and his recovery. Additional information will be posted regularly at www.sbts.edu.

Second, please ask the Lord for His blessing on our family and growth together in grace. Ask His blessing upon our reading of the Psalms in family worship.

Third, entreat the Lord to guide and bless our efforts with our second National Conference in early April (as mentioned near the beginning of this newsletter).

Fourth, continue to pray for the writing project about which I have often requested prayer, but still haven't been able to complete.

And as always, please ask the Lord for His blessing upon my teaching at Southern and upon the ministry I discharge in my travels.

"The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you" (2 Timothy 4:22).

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