Issue Number Thirty-four

Don's Schedule
Please pray for these
ministry opportunities
August and September.

  • Arizona Church Equipping Conference
    Held at North Phoenix Baptist Church
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Foothills Baptist Church
    Phoenix, AZ

  • All of Grace Baptist Church
    West Chester, OH

  • Community Bible Church
    St. Augustine, FL

  • Calvary Baptist Church
    Elgin, IL

  • Grand Avenue Baptist Church
    Ames, IA

  • Crestview Baptist Church
    Farmington, NM

Things Well Said

[On the Together for the Gospel blog, Ligon Duncan wrote:] Okay, if you are one of the 14 remaining people who hasn't read Mark Dever's brilliant series on "Where'd All These Calvinists Come From?" over at the relatively new 9Marks blog, here they all are in one place.

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The Discipline of Learning
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Recognize the Spirituality of Work - .doc .pdf

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New bulletin insert—useful anytime, but especially for Labor Day

Clarify Your Ambition

"He's very ambitious."

Is that a compliment or a criticism?

Do you want to be known as ambitious?

Would you prefer to be known as someone who has no ambition?

We know that it's not like Christ to climb over people, to politick for influence, or be driven blindly for wealth, position, or fame. But it's also unChristian to be slothful, dispassionate about the quality of your work, or without motivation.

Hmmm. Ambitious: to be or not to be?

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The Center for Biblical Spirituality
presents a
National Conference with Donald S. Whitney

Spiritual Disciplines I

Developing the simple, biblical means God has given to every Christian for pursuing intimacy with and conformity to Christ.

This is the most popular conference Don has held in local churches across America. In it he teaches simple, biblical solutions to the almost universal problems of (1) drudgery in prayer resulting from habitually saying the same old things about the same old things, and (2) failing to experience God or perceive spiritual progress through one's daily Bible reading.

Click here for information about this two-day, weekend conference held October 26-27 at the beautiful Legacy Center on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Come alone, or bring a group!

Clothing Tips for Ministers

Every minister has to dress up sometime. This article is not about when and where ministers dress up; it speaks only to those occasions when they do. These clothing tips were written specifically to help the minister (and anyone else) who sometimes must dress up, but who feels some need for guidance on the matter and cannot afford to spend a great deal on clothes.

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Don's latest book is available here.

A Discussion Guide is included in this 64-page book, which retails for $5.95 and sells here for $5.50. Generous discounts are available for bulk purchases. Click here for more information or to order.

An enhanced audio CD of Don's book Family Worship is available now. Click here to read more or to order.

Read endorsements of this book.

Family News & Notes

By far the most important news of our summer is Laurelen's baptism. A family in our church has a lovely piece of property along the Green River (which earlier flows through Mammoth Cave) about an hour southeast of us. Our church family has a picnic there every Fourth of July. This year we had six candidates for baptism shortly before then, and the church decided to have a baptismal service in the river as part of our gathering. Ever since her birth, I have prayed for and looked forward to the inestimable blessing of baptizing my daughter. Just before I immersed her, she gave the testimony of her conversion and I said a few words about the significance of baptism and the meaning of the moment for me personally. Honestly, I was much more joyous than my face appeared at the instant the photo was taken.

Caffy was one of six Louisville area artists invited to paint murals in homes in Louisville's annual "Homearama." Roughly a dozen Louisville builders will begin or add to a particular subdivision and compete for honors in their trade as voted by the tens of thousands of people who tour the homes during a two-week period. Caffy did a variety of murals, decorative trim, and some faux-finishing work in the home where she labored. We hope to have some photos posted before long on her website, www.CaffyWhitney.com.

This week she begins her third autumn teaching the spouses of some our seminary students in Southern Seminary's "Student Wives Institute." The course is built largely around Don's Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.

Farm & Garden Report

Caffy is rejoicing over the progress of her three bee hives. Although it is interesting how each proceeds at its own pace, all three are doing well despite the recent drought and heat (it's the hottest August on record here). Normally beekeepers don't expect to get honey during the first year of a hive, for all the honey made by the bees that first year is what feeds them during the winter. But if the hives produce a good "flow" this fall, there may be enough extra honey for us to enjoy a bit.

Our wild blackberries—like many of our trees and flowering shrubs—were damaged by the late frost in the spring. But going out together most evenings in July, Laurelen and I were able to pick enough for her to make her first pie, and later a few turnovers.

The garden is about finished. Although the corn flopped, the purple hull peas were a delicious success. And while it also wasn't a great year for tomatoes or green peppers, Caffy still managed to can gallons of salsa.


Please ask the Lord to strengthen Laurelen with grace and to grant her a holiness and usefulness that grows to far exceed that of her parents.

Second, I have been promoted to Senior Associate Dean in the School of Theology at the seminary. Please pray for me to learn my responsibilities quickly and well, and for the Lord to bless that ministry to His glory.

Third, entreat the Lord to guide and bless our efforts with our first-ever national conference in October (as mentioned near the beginning of this newsletter).

Fourth, continue to pray for the writing project about which I have often requested prayer, but still haven't been able to complete.

And as always, please ask the Lord for His blessing upon my teaching at Southern and upon the ministry I discharge in my travels.

"The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you" (2 Timothy 4:22).

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