Issue Number Twenty

Book:Give Praise to God

Earlier this year, Don contributed a chapter on "Private Worship" in an comprehensive and practical book on worship in memory of the late James Montgomery Boice. Give Praise to God is 515 pages with chapters from more than a dozen other writers including Ligon Duncan, Al Mohler, Derek Thomas, Edmund Clowney, Mark Dever, Michael Horton and others. For more information, including ordering information, click here.
Don's Schedule

Please pray for these ministry opportunities in late July and August.

  • Grace Church of DuPage
    Warrenville, IL
  • Berean Baptist Church
    Ely, MN
  • Northern Hills Baptist Church
    Holt, MO
  • Resurrected Baptist Church
    Chattanooga, TN
  • Concord Baptist Church
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • First Baptist Church
    Lake Charles, LA

Sample Chapters from
Books by Don Whitney

Do You Thirst for God?
from Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health

Silence and Solitude
from Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Why Join a Church?
from Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church

A Spiritual MindSet
from How Can I Be Sure I'm A Christian?

Why I Am A Baptist
from Why I Am A Baptist

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Featuring Don's Book

Simplify Your Spiritual Life

Below is one of the ninety chapters
from Don's book

Simplify Your Spiritual Life.

with Discussion Guide included.

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Recognize the Spirituality of Work

Bill often wonders whether he is a second-class Christian because of the less-than-Christian atmosphere where he works. His occupation is good and necessary for society, but it's also one in which liars, cheats, and thieves seem to flourish. Vulgar and blasphemous language typically fills the air of Bill's workplace.

For other believers, the problem at work is not a godless environment; it's the gnawing lack of meaning to their labor. They trudge through tedious days on a job that often feels intolerably unimportant.

Can followers of Jesus work in these conditions and still maintain a close relationship with Him? Or is the Lord somewhat disappointed in them because of where they work or what they do?

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Service Makes Us More Like Jesus

Remember what Jesus said of Himself: "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). On the night before He was crucified, He served His disciples by washing their feet and said, "Yet I am among you as the One who serves" (Luke 22:27). This deed was no novelty, it characterized His life. Although Jesus was God, He was also the humblest, most servant-hearted man who ever lived. And never did He demonstrate His willingness to do the lowliest form of service more than when He was with the people of God. As Jesus served the Father by serving the Father's children, so should we.

[Taken from pages 104-105 of Don's book, Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church. Find out more about this book here.]

Or order by phone: 800-405-3788

Family News and Notes

The month of June and the first part of July were glorious here in the heartland of America. I've never seen such a long stretch of consistently wonderful weather for sitting out back early in the morning with a cup of coffee and the Word of God.

Continue to pray for my research and writing. This remains my most urgent prayer request for the summer. I've not made progress as quickly as I'd like, and I'm increasingly aware of my need for the help of God via your prayers.

Thank you for praying for the radio programs on WMBI and the Moody Broadcasting Network aired earlier this month. The six short (about four minute) readings from Simplify Your Spiritual Life are all available on the Audio Sermons button on the website.

Caffy has split her weekday time lately between "spring" cleaning throughout the house and working on some art projects. Covers for a set of children's books are her main artistic focus at present. On the Lord's Day, her primary service to the Lord and His people has been through her singing talents.

Laurelen has completed her two major organized activities of the summer—Christian Youth Theater and softball. I've already written about those in the previous newsletter. So for now, I'll just post these photos. The one of her in the heavy coat—and heavy stage makeup!—is from one of her two roles in Annie! She dressed in this garb for a New York, Depression-era street scene where the cast sings "NYC." The other photo is Slugger Laurelen of the Mustangs. They finished the season with only one victory, but "a good time was had by all." Maybe next time I'll have a photo of Laurelen in her new teal-and-green braces!

The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.
2 Timothy 4:22

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