Issue Number Twelve

Don's Schedule

Please pray for these Summer ministry opportunities.

Countryside Bible Church
Southlake, Texas

Rejoice in the Word Conference
First Baptist Church
Spartanburg, SC

Providence Baptist Church
Greer, SC

Metro Area Leadership Conference
First Baptist Church
Raytown, MO

Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church
St. Joseph, MO

Westside Baptist Church
Omaha, NE

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ft. Worth, TX

Grace Baptist Church
Morristown, TN

Bethlehem Baptist Church
West Boylston, MA

Hope Evangelical Free Church
Rogers, AR

Lakeside Bible Chapel
Bemus Point, NY

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Why I Am A Baptist
from Why I Am A Baptist

Do You Thirst for God?
from Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health

Silence and Solitude
from Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Why Join a Church?
from Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church

A Spiritual MindSet
from How Can I Be Sure I'm A Christian?

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More Chapters from
Simplify Your Spiritual Life

Featuring Don's Newly-Released Book

Below are two of the ninety chapters
from Don's book

Simplify Your Spiritual Life.

with Discussion Guide included.

Do What You Can

I admire Jean Fleming. She's been both a home and overseas missionary. She boldly and winsomely shares her faith, makes a priority of discipling other Christian women, and leads Bible studies. She actively supports her husband's full-time ministry, frequently opens her home for Christian hospitality, and serves in her local church. In her home and halfway across the country she's cared for both physically and mentally impaired relatives for long periods. The Flemings have raised three children and now enjoy their role as grandparents. Through it all Jean has written several books and articles.

She was converted in her late teens. Discipled well from the start, Jean thrived on a spiritual diet strong on disciplines like the reading, studying, and meditating on God's Word, prayer, fellowship, service, evangelism, worship, silence and solitude, journal-keeping, and Scripture memory. She felt herself making spiritual progress almost daily. All this continued after she married her equally-dedicated husband, Roger.

Then she had three children in diapers.

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Read One Page Per Day

When life gets too complex, one of the first parts of a healthy spiritual life to decline is reading. I talk to well-intentioned Christians almost every week who confess to growing piles of books by their "reading" chair, desk, nightstand, and other places, but who never have time to read. Reading for sheer enjoyment was long ago forsaken. Reading for Christian growth rarely happens. Most days, a few minutes in the Bible is all that's left of their reading. Those who love to learn and those who want to grow grieve the loss of reading like the loss of a close friend. "But what can I do," they sigh, "there are only so many hours in a day."

To these overwhelmed believers I usually ask, "Do you think you could find the time to read one page of a book each day?"

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The Value of a Slow, Plodding Perseverance

Even with the consistent evaluation of priorities, the Godly person will continue to be a busy person. However, the busy person is also the one most tempted to lapse in the practice of the very Disciplines that lead to Godliness. Without practicing the Spiritual Disciplines, we will not be Godly, but neither will we be Godly without perseverance in practicing the Disciplines. Even a slow, plodding perseverance in the Spiritual Disciplines is better than a sometimes spectacular, but generally inconsistent practice.

[Taken from page 237 of the paperback edition of Don's book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. Read a chapter from this book.]

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  • Study Guide. Looking for a book to study in your group this fall? Consider using Don's Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church with the free, downloadable study guide available here.

Family News and Notes

  • Simplify Your Spiritual Life is getting into circulation. It began arriving in bookstores at the end of July. Several readers have sent some encouraging comments, for which I'm grateful. Thank you to those who prayed for me while I was at CBA (formerly known as the Christian Booksellers Association convention) last month for the release of the book. My friends at NavPress thought things went very well. All four boxes of Simplify Your Spiritual Life they brought for the book-signing event were autographed and given away in short order.

    Thanks, also, for those who prayed for the interview recorded at CBA with Focus on the Family. It, too, seemed to go extremely well. I'm told that parts of it will be aired on four consecutive broadcasts of the "Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine" sometime in the fall. I'll let you know when it's scheduled.

    CBA is quite an experience. Literally acres of exhibits sprawled across the Orlando Convention Center. Book publishers, music companies, media outlets, gift makers, well-known and lesser-known ministries, and just about any kind of Christian organization you can imagine—and some you can't imagine—all were there to make their ministries, products, or services available to buyers for Christian bookstores and any others who were interested. The commercialism, promotion, and pride are sickening. In the midst of it all, however, the opportunity to meet or to renew fellowship with so many dear brothers and sisters who write and publish Christian books is, for me, well worth the downside of the overall event.

    Classes resume next week at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I teach. But I feel as though the fall semester has already started, for I taught a D.Min. seminar all last week on spiritual formation. A great group of nine guys participated. If you're interested in what's involved, you can read the syllabus for the course down near the bottom of the "For MBTS Students" page on the website.

    Pray for rain! We just endured the driest July on record here in KC. Normally we get four inches in July. This time we received only .12 inches.

  • Caffy nearly broke her ankle on July 16. We were sure she had broken it, but X-rays then and since have shown otherwise. I wish we had a dollar for each time we've been told, even by medical personnel, that "a sprain can be worse than a break." I'm beginning to believe it. Three-and-a-half weeks after the event, she still has to use crutches quite a bit and has periods of great pain. A doctor told her it might be two or three months before all the swelling is gone and the pain disappears. Please pray for her recovery. Thanks, too, to all those friends, neighbors, and church members who have helped in so many ways.

    Please pray for her as she begins homeschooling classes with Laurelen again this month, as well as teaching art a couple of days a week at a university-model school where Laurelen gets a couple of her classes. On Tuesday nights this fall she's to teach a class of seminary wives on Personal Spiritual Disciplines.

  • A girlhood summer for Laurelen. Her ninth summer has been a mixture of riding her bike, coasting down the street on her scooter, playing with friends in the neighborhood, hosting various friends for sleepovers, playing with Buddy (her white bunny), letting Samson and Taffeta (the cats) in and out, caring for mom after her ankle injury, attending two Vacation Bible Schools, reading for various summer book programs, using her fountain pens to do exercises in a penmanship workbook, rehearsing her guitar and piano lessons, taking evening walks with dad, galloping her Breyer horses around the floor, and enjoying a recent weeklong visit by her Grandmother Whitney.

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