Issue Number Eleven

Don's Schedule

Please pray for these Summer ministry opportunities.

The Master's Community Church
Melbourne, Florida

River Bend Community Church
Ormond Beach, FL

Countryside Bible Church
Southlake, Texas

Woods Chapel Baptist Church
Blue Springs, MO

Countryside Bible Church
Southlake, Texas

"Rejoice in the Word Conference"
First Baptist Church
Spartanburg, SC

Providence Baptist Church
Greer, SC

Metro Area Leadership Conference
First Baptist Church
Raytown, MO

Westside Baptist Church
Omaha, NE

Southwestern Seminary
Ft. Worth, TX

Bethlehem Baptist Church
West Boylston, MA

Hope Evangelical Free Church
Rogers, AR

Lakeside Bible Chapel
Bemus Point, NY

Click the Speaking Schedule button on the website for more information about these dates.

Sample Chapters from
Books by Don Whitney

Why I Am A Baptist
from Why I Am A Baptist

Do You Thirst for God?
from Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health

Silence and Solitude
from Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Why Join a Church?
from Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church

A Spiritual MindSet
from How Can I Be Sure I'm A Christian?

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More Chapters from
Simplify Your Spiritual Life

Now Available!

Simplify Your Spiritual Life

"Clear, concise, biblical, and practical! Here is help for our increasingly complicated and cluttered lives."
—Pastor Alistair Begg, Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio

"I highly recommend this book for individual study, group study, or devotional reading."
—Martha Peace, author of The Excellent Wife and Attitudes of a Transformed Heart

"This book is not about an unsustainable perfection or an oppressive legalism, but instead about the kind of simple devotion that sets us free."
—From the foreword by Richard A. Swenson, MD, author of Margin and The Overload Syndrome

Click here to read more about this book, including the table of contents, sample chapters, endorsements, and the foreword.

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Below are two of the ninety chapters from Don's
Simplify Your Spiritual Life.

Remember, It's About Jesus

Why pray when it appears that your prayers go unanswered? Why keep on reading the Bible when it seems like you're getting little from it? Why continue worshiping God privately when you feel no spiritual refreshment? Why persist in keeping a journal when writing your entries bores you? Why engage in fasting, silence and solitude, serving, and other spiritual disciplines when you sense meager benefits from doing so?

It's easy to forget the real purpose of anything that's as habitual as the activities of the spiritual life. And purposeless spiritual practices soon become dry routines that shrivel our souls.

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Take a Prayer Walk

One of the most common struggles in the practice of spirituality is maintaining mental focus in prayer. When I try to pray, I often find myself thinking about my to-do list or daydreaming instead of talking to God. But walking as I pray—either in a large place indoors (such as a church building), or more frequently, outdoors—usually keeps my mind from wandering as easily. In addition, I typically bring a small Bible to prompt my prayer periodically during the walk.

The walking and the weather invigorate my sluggish soul. Looking up into the blue or out to the horizon refreshes my sense of the greatness of God. The sights, smells, and sounds of my Father's world surround me with reminders of His presence.

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Although God will grant Christlikeness to us when Jesus returns, until then He intends for us to grow toward that Christlikeness. We aren't merely to wait for holiness, we're to pursue it. "Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy," we're commanded in Hebrews 12:14, for "without holiness no one will see the Lord."

Which leads us to ask what every Christian should ask, "How then shall we pursue holiness? How can we be like Jesus Christ, the Son of God?"

We find a clear answer in 1 Timothy 4:7: "Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness" (NASB). This verse is the theme for the entire book.

[Taken from page 16 of the paperback edition of Don's book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. Read a chapter from this book.]

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Family News and Notes

  • Simplify Your Spiritual Life is here! The big news this month, of course, is the release of Simplify Your Spiritual Life by NavPress. Whenever I spend that long working on something—I started writing the book two years ago—I'm always anxious to see it. It's sort of like waiting more than two years for the delivery of a baby. (Moms might disagree, but it's the closest analogy I can think of.) If you want to read the table of contents, foreword, endorsements, and even sample chapters, you can click here.

    Most readers will get this newsletter while I'm in Orlando for CBA. CBA used to stand for "Christian Booksellers Association." But then they realized that of the several acres of exhibits at the meeting, the majority of them was, sadly, no longer devoted to books, but to music, giftware, etc. So the name officially became just CBA. It's an experience of highs and lows. The highs are getting to visit with a lot of Christian authors and ministers whose work has greatly blessed you. The lows are seeing all the tacky items being marketed in such crass ways, making me feel somewhat like Jesus must've felt when He turned over the tables in the temple. Oh yes, another of the highs is getting lots of free books!

    NavPress has invited me to CBA to promote the release of Simplify Your Spiritual Life. CBA is the annual "trade show" for Christian booksellers. That's when they order books for the next half-year or so. So when bookstore managers come to the NavPress booth to place orders, NavPress thinks it a good idea to have authors of some of their new releases present. Radio and TV ministries take advantage of the gathering of authors as well and use the week to record numbers of programs. If you think to pray for me, please pray for the interviews I'm to have, including one for "Focus on the Family." That's expected to be broadcast nationwide sometime in the fall.

    It was fun to get an article published in the June/July issue of Pen World magazine. I'm sure you've all received your copy by now. You do subscribe, don't you? No? Well, if you're interested in a short piece on buying vintage fountain pens via auctions like eBay (and who isn't?), then you'd better rush out and get a copy. It's on newsstands every . . . well, in a few "select" places. Or, if you can possibly wait for six months (as per my agreement with Pen World), you can read it on my website. If you have a fountain pen article within you that's dying to get published, contact me and I'll tell you how I got not only a whole year's subscription in exchange for writing this article, but also negotiated a free Pen World coffee mug! And speaking of old fountain pens, if you have any rolling around in the back of seldom-opened desk drawers, let me know.

  • Caffy sang at our church's Independence Day picnic with "Remnant." This is the name Dave & Yvette Conte and Andy & Janet McClurg have given to their musical group. They did about as wide a range of musical genres as you can imagine for two, forty-five minute sets. Caffy enjoyed the rehearsals almost as much as the event itself. They really have fun together. Laurelen sang one with "Aunt" Janet, and gathered several encouraging comments about her vocal skills.

    Caffy's thirty-year high school reunion was July 5. (As you may know, this is possible because she graduated when she was only four.) We traveled down to northwest Arkansas so she could join about 150 others of the distinguished Springdale High class of 1973. She was thrilled to talk with some who have become Christians since she saw them last, and saddened by others whose lives do not match the faith they professed during their teenage years. The highlight of the event (in addition to someone telling her she looked even younger than when in high school) was the Christian testimony given at the Saturday night banquet by one of the coaches they had while in junior high and high school.

  • Softball for Laurelen. Laurelen's one-month softball season ended recently. Her team won about as many as it lost. This was Laurelen's first season in "girl-pitch," as opposed to "coach-pitch," which she had last year. And let me tell you, there is a biiiiiiig difference! Pitching for the first time in their lives, the nine and ten-year-old girls throw underhand, but try to emulate the fast-pitch style of older girls, not the slow, rainbow blooper balls that old guys like me face in softball. A "no hitter" in this league is not when a pitcher keeps the opposing team from getting a hit, but when a pitcher doesn't hit one of the opposing batters. I don't think we had a game without at least one batter getting hit. But oh, for a no-walker! Nearly every run in every game was scored by an almost endless succession of walks. I think we had entire games where neither team got a clean hit, and yet the score was something like 15-12. Mercifully, the innings were limited to a maximum of six runs per at bat, and games were held to 75 minutes. On the first pitch of the season, poor Laurelen was hit hard right in the face. Batting just wasn't as much fun after that. Overall, however, she did well and enjoyed the year.

    Tonight she went to an "American Girl Pajama Party" at Barnes & Noble. The bookstore has monthly "American Girl" nights where the girls bring their dolls and do whatever it is that girls and their dolls do at such things. Tonight the dolls were all to be in their PJs. Caffy seems to enjoy taking Laurelen as much as Laurelen enjoys going.

    Have you ever read Sarah Orne Jewett's short story, "The Hiltons' Holiday"? (Try a Google search on the Internet and you'll find the complete text. Another place is The Book of Virtues, pp. 227-240.) If you like the Little House on the Prairie books, you'll like this story. It's very simple and has no dramatic plot, but it's one of the sweetest stories we've ever read together as a family.

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