New Year’s Update from The Center for Biblical Spirituality

Happy New Year from The Center for Biblical Spirituality!

Just two items in this edition of the newsletter:

1. Links to the five recent DesiringGod/Ask Pastor John podcasts where Don was a guest and answered questions about spiritual disciplines.

2. An announcement about dramatic discounts on both the print and audio editions of Don’s Family Worship: In the Bible, in History, and in Your Home.

At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Don was the guest on the “Ask Pastor John” podcast produced by DesiringGod Ministries. Filling in for Pastor John Piper, here are questions Don was asked each day by host Tony Reinke:

As a bonus, here’s a link to a conversation I had with ten years ago with Dr. Albert Mohler shortly after my life-saving cancer surgery. In this “Redeeming Cancer” interview, we also discuss John Piper’s then new, but now famous piece on “Don’t Waste Your Cancer”, for Piper had recently had cancer surgery as well. (Note: you’ll probably want to skip the brief review of the news in the first five minutes.)

Family Worship

Second, a new edition of my Family Worship book is coming soon. To make room, we are selling the remaining stock of the current edition at deep discounts on bulk orders especially.

For instance,

Family Worship book         Originally       While supplies last

1 book                                    $10.50                       $9

10-pack                                 $46                             $26

50-pack                                 $215                           $87


Family Worship CD            Originally       While supplies last

5-pack                                   $35                              $20

10-pack                                 $65                              $30


To order online, click here.

To order by phone or get more information, call Terry at 502-883-1096


Family Worship CD front cover

Each bulk order will include a copy of the CD (while supplies last).

This enhanced audio CD of Don presenting the book also includes a two-page printable, detailed outline of the book as well as a printable discussion guide.


Family Worship is a 64-page book by Don Whitney that surveys the biblical teaching on family worship, demonstrates how our heroes throughout church history have practiced it, and then gives fathers/husbands the simple, specific, practical how-to’s of family worship.

There’s also a section dealing with common questions such as,

  • What if the father is not a Christian?
  • What if there is no father at home?
  • What if the children are very young?
  • What if there is a wide range of ages among the children?
  • Plus, application is made to single men and women.

Discussion Guide for each of the five chapters concludes the book.

Family Worship is designed for individual reading or for group study. Many churches have given a copy of this book to every family in their church.



“Don Whitney has written a book we truly need. . . . This book belongs in every Christian home and in the hands of every Christian parent.”

R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Family Worship by Don Whitney is a priceless little volume. Whitney makes a compelling case from the Bible for the practice and illustrates it richly with historical examples. He even answers the frequently asked questions and responds to common objections. This book is persuasive, practical, and most of all, doable.

Dr. Tedd Tripp, Pastor and author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart


Solid, substantial, gospel-centered, God-glorifying resources to recommend to families to help them either begin or to strengthen their family worship.

Dr. Ligon Duncan, President, Reformed Theological Seminary


To order Family Worship online, click here.

To order by phone or get more information, call Terry at 502-883-1096.



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