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Are you overwhelmed by the weight of the world?

Let’s face it—we live in a complex world. Technology improves daily, and with it, the pace increases. Surrounded by driving forces, it is no small wonder that our spiritual lives take a hit. But if the weight of the world is hindering your walk with the Lord, maybe now’s the time to step back and evaluate.

Life on earth was less hectic in Jesus’ time. He faced incredible challenges and suffered agonizing trials, but there was simplicity in His relationship with His Father that we can emulate. And in that simplicity, we can realize our greatest fulfillment as believers. If your Bible study seems as tedious as filing your tax return and your prayer life as wearisome as trying to understand your phone bill, stop. Take a deep breath. Let author Donald S. Whitney show you how rewarding the simple Christian life can be. (Taken from the back cover of Simplify Your Spiritual Life)

The ninety (90), two-page chapters deal with these issues:

  1. Simplifying and First Principles
  2. Simplifying and the Truth
  3. Simplifying and Prayer
  4. Simplifying and Your Journal 5. Simplifying and Your Mind
  5. Simplifying and Your Heart
  6. Simplifying and Your Time
  7. Simplifying and Others

This book INCLUDES A DISCUSSION GUIDE for use in small group studies, Sunday School classes, etc.

“I highly recommend this book for individual study, group study, or devotional reading.”
— Martha Peace, author of The Excellent Wife and Attitudes of a Transformed Heart

“Clear, concise, biblical, and practical! Just what we have come to expect from Whitney’s pen. Here is help for our increasingly complicated and cluttered lives.”
—Pastor Alistair Begg, Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio

“This book is not about an unsustainable perfection or an oppressive legalism, but instead about the kind of simple devotion that sets us free.”
—From the foreword by Richard A. Swenson, MD, author of Margin and The Overload Syndrome

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