Trevin Wax interviews Don Whitney about spiritual discipline, legalism, & laziness

On the occasion of the release of the Revised & Updated edition of my Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Trevin Wax interviewed me about spiritual discipline, legalism, and laziness.

Recognize the Spirituality of Work

Bill often wonders whether he is a second-class Christian because of the less-than-Christian atmosphere where he works. His occupation is good and necessary for society, but it’s also one in which liars, cheats, and thieves seem to flourish. Vulgar and blasphemous language typically fills the air of Bill’s workplace. For other believers, the problem at

A Brief Interview with Don Whitney about Spiritual Discipline

A brief interview with Don Whitney about spiritual discipline 1. What is a spiritual discipline, and can you list some of the foundational spiritual disciplines?  First Timothy 4:7 says, “Discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness” (NASB). The kind of discipline that promotes Godliness isn’t physical (see v. 8), but spiritual. Thus the practical, biblical

Why do you journal?

“Why do you journal?” John Piper replies, “I count journaling one of the most important habits of my life.” Note how he says it relates to “the essence of leadership.” Why do you journal? Photo by JoelMontes

No Coasting into Christlikeness

When it comes to discipline in the Christian life, many believers question its importance. Devotion to prayer declines into drudgery. The real-life usefulness of meditation on Scripture seems uncertain. The purpose of a discipline like fasting is a mystery. Why not leave spiritual discipline to those who seem to more disciplined by nature and let

Letter to a Discouraged Minister

I’m sure you are right even more than you realize when you say you are learning a great deal through this.  Be assured that your sufferings will not be wasted. Many texts tell us this, but 2 Cor. 1 is one that particularly comes to mind. Moreover, I was reading in 2 Cor. 5-6 today,

How to Measure Basic Gospel Literacy

  Do not try the following when you are discouraged by the lack of spiritual progress among those in your ministry setting. In other words, if you have been experiencing disappointment with the spiritual condition of those in your discipleship group, Bible class, or church, wait awhile before you attempt the experiment I suggest. For

“Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”–What’s new in the Revised & Updated Edition?

After 23 years in print, my Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life has been released in a “Revised & Updated” edition. What’s different from the original, 1991 edition? More content. You’ll find more than 10,000 words of new material, such as seventeen methods of meditation on Scripture, up from six in the original edition. More

5 Great Reasons to Memorize Scripture Today

I am grateful to my friend Tim Challies for posting a summary of a section on Scripture memory from my Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.

Clarify Your Ambition

“He’s very ambitious.” Is that a compliment or a criticism? Do you want to be known as ambitious? Would you prefer to be known as